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Welcome to the Imaging Department!

Welcome to Nostalgia Works Imaging Dept. -(NWID)- The areas 1st established Hydro-dipping service offerred to the public. Through our transfer imaging process, Nostalgia Works Imaging brings to the consumer the opportunity to add value, beauty and authenticity, or simply personalize any object they wish at a price that's surprisingly AFFORDABLE!!

Nostalgia Works Imaging Dept

What Is Hydrographic Transfer Imaging?

Hydrographic transfer imaging or printing, also called curve coat printing, cubic printing, immersion graphics & water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, is a technique used to apply an ink pattern to a surface that is either curved, flat, or 3-D. This process can be applied to the surface of materials such as automotive components & hardware, wood, plastic, fiberglass, bakelite, ceramic, metal etc. This is a high-tech process... the quality and durability of the finished product is OUTSTANDING!! Give it a'll be amazed. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

The benefits and quality of our work

This application is NOT a sticker or decal...the ink pattern actually becomes "fused" into the base coat used in this process and then sealed w/ multiple coats of UV protective automotive clear (satin or gloss) for a fabulous show finish! Can you spot the firearm in the picture below?

Nostalgia Works Imaging Inc Imaging Department Camo Picture

What different patterns can I use?

We offer patterns from Twin Industries, Inc , Liquid Print One , and Big Brain Film Site. Click the links to view the different patterns they offer. Take note of the pattern name and number when you contact us. Below are common pattern ideas.


  • Straight Wood Grain
  • Burl Wood
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Metal Finish
  • Marble & Stone
  • Animal Print
  • Camouflage (hunting, royalty, military)
  • Illusions
  • Not seeing a pattern from Twin Industries, Inc and Liquid Print One? Custom designed images available for additional cost.

I have a project or idea, how do I start?

1- Select a pattern from Twin Industries, Inc and Liquid Print One. Click the links to view the different patterns they offer. Take note of the pattern name and number when you contact us. If you have a custom pattern, gather as much information as possible.

2- Contact us by phone, email, or use our form on the Contact Us page so we can evualate your project and provide a free estimate.

3- Deliver the item to us or ship it.

4- Pick up or we'll ship the finished product.

About Us

Nostalgia Works Imaging, Inc of Sharpsburg, MD is the 1st Established Hydro-dip facility in Maryland! We are on the leading edge of the best Camo Dip, Carbon Fiber, Water Transfer Printing, and Hydro-Dip service industry. From one-off's to mass production dipping, Nostalgia Works Imaging, Inc holds a proven track record for friendly staff, quality craftsmanship and timely service. (Custom jigging available for high volume/multiple part dips. Contact us to discuss details). View our work and experience the Nostalgia Works difference. You ship it....we dip it!

Our Services

  • Hydro-Dip
  • Water Transfer Printing
  • Camo Dip
  • Carbon Fiber
  • High volume/multiple part contracts welcome

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